Off_Ice_TrainingThe Everfit Body Off-Ice Conditioning for Figure Skaters Program is a comprehensive off ice conditioning regimen designed to enhance the ability of skaters to sustain the high level of athleticism required of the sport of figure skating while maintaining a lithe, flexible body free of injury. Figure skating is a unique sport. Power, speed, strength and agility are tightly meshed with flexibility, grace and artistry all while balancing on a 1/8-inch wide blade of steel. The ability to enhance one aspect of the sport without compromising another becomes a delicate balancing act unto itself. The Everfit Body Off-Ice Conditioning Program combines strength training, power training, core training, agility training, ballet and yoga. This program utilizes a periodized training regimen to enhance competition season and allow the body to recover from the stress of high levels of on-ice training.

With the Everfit Body Off-Ice Conditioning for Figure Skaters Program you will:

  • Receive a comprehensive health history
  • Receive a comprehensive skating/fitness history
  • Set SMART goals
  • Be assessed for movement function and ability
  • Train with the right energy system for figure skating for easy transference to the ice
  • Learn correct technique and form in exercises
  • Learn rest and recovery protocols during and between workouts
  • Learn correct fitness nutrition requirements of figure skating
  • Have access to Everfit Body training equipment during your sessions including TRX, TRX Rip Trainer, BOSU, Dynamax, Slide Board, Gliders, The Slide Effect,
  • Kettlebells, Sandbells and much more!
  • Train with a program designed just for you based on fitness level, needs and goals

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“I worked with Deborah to improve my strength to get back to working on my specific figure skating goals and would highly recommend her services for any athletic need.   She had an energizing creativity in keeping our workouts fun and challenging.   She is just the right combination of tough, motivating and fun!”   -Erin Jackman Stearns