General_Sports_ConditioningThe Everfit Body General Sports Conditioning Program is a structured, periodized training regimen designed to help you enhance athletic sports performance utilizing a functional fitness paradigm. The specific needs of athletes involved in a sport should be addressed to assure transference of skills to the playing field while minimizing the risk of injury. All sports conditioning programs must enhance athletic ability utilizing the correct energy system required of the sport. Are you training to enhance those energy systems?

Does your sport utilize?

  1. Immediate energy
  2. Anaerobic Glycolosis
  3. Aerobic Respiration
  4. All of the above

Learn how to train for peak performance!

At Everfit body we teach you what’s required of your sport on a physiological level to enhance the building of connective tissue. We motivate and inspire on a psychological level through a life coaching approach to ensure long-term compliance without burnout. Overreaching and overtraining are real problems in the fitness world. Sometimes less is more. See how the Everfit Body approach cuts training time while boosting fitness gains.

The Everfit Body General Sports Conditioning Program Includes:

  • A comprehensive health history
  • A comprehensive fitness history
  • An Assessment of movement function and ability
  • SMART Goal setting
  • Correct technique and form in exercise
  • The right workout to enhance your sport
  • The right way to warm-up and cool down
  • Rest and recovery protocols during and between workouts
  • Access to Everfit Body training equipment during your sessions including TRX, TRX RipTrainer, BOSU, Dynamax, The Slide Effect, Slide Boards, Gliders, Kettlebells, Medballs, Sandbells and much more!
  • A periodized program designed just for you based on fitness level, needs and goals
  • Programs for track, tennis, golf, hockey, court and field sports
  • A home based program

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“As a tennis player, Deborah has helped me develop a pre-match warm-up that gets me focused quickly and ready to play. My training sessions are designed to help me improve my focus and concentration as well as improve my footwork and agility.” -Patty Lombard