Sports Conditioning

A solid sports conditioning program is essential for all athletes participating in an athletic activity from running to tennis to skating to court and field sports. Each sport has a unique energy system as well as a unique neuro-muscular pathway. Knowing how to train for your sport increases power, speed, agility, stability and mobility to maximize individual performance. In addition, training the body to withstand the often imbalanced forces placed upon your joints is key to maintaining the health and integrity of connective tissue.

The Everfit Body Sports Conditioning Program is designed to:

  • Assist you in attaining higher goals from athletic pursuits
  • Increase lean mass and decrease fat mass
  • Strengthen all areas of your body from head to toe
  • Teach you correct body alignment
  • Teach you proper warm-up and cool down protocols
  • Reduce your risk of acute and chronic injury
  • Inspire more satisfaction and joy in your training
  • Motivate you to overcome food and fitness obstacles
  • Train YOU for YOUR sport

The Everfit Body Sports Conditioning Program falls into two categories:

Both programs utilize a periodized training protocol to maximize peak conditioning for competition season and minimize risk of injury, overreaching and overtraining.

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