Corrective_ExerciseThe Everfit Body Corrective Exercise Program is a strategic functional fitness regimen designed to alleviate years of physiological stresses brought on by incorrect exercise technique, chronic injury, sedentary lifestyle, one side dominant sporting activities and the simple fact of an aging body. Many of us are trying to exercise and function on broken bodies while aches and pains are ignored. In reality, the subconscious body never ignores its aches and pains. It compensates for them by overusing the stronger connective tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) and underutilizing the weaker areas of the body. This never-ending cycle of a strong/weak battle within the body takes its toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Everfit Body Corrective Exercise Program begins with a detailed assessment of your postural alignment, movement patterns and walking patterns. From there, specific exercises and self-myofascial release regimens, designed to teach you correct body alignment and movement patterns, while increasing mobility and stability within the joints, are incorporated into a client specific program. The Everfit Body Corrective Exercise Program is a great way to ease pain and rebuild the body.

Participating in a corrective exercise program can be transformational.

-Imagine a life free of nagging pain and constant fatigue.

-Imagine getting a good night’s sleep.

-Imagine looking forward to exercise instead of dreading it.

-Imagine functioning with ease in all of your daily tasks.


  • How to exercise from your toes to your nose
  • Exercises that mimic life and sports related tasks
  • Good walking mechanics
  • Good postural alignment
  • Safe and effective myofascial release regimens
  • How to listen to your body’s pain signals
  • How to add energy and vitality to your day

The Everfit Body Corrective Exercise Program is based on a functional science regimen created by Gary Gray of the Gray Institute. Every exercise can be progressed or regressed depending on fitness level. Each program is designed for the individual needs of the client.

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By working with Deborah, I have added pre-match warm up exercises to my tennis routine that help me prevent injuries as well as stretching following a match so that I can quickly address any pain or stiffness. It’s made a huge difference and has helped me avoid injuries that plague other tennis players my age.” – Patty Lombard