NutritionThe Everfit Body Fitness Nutrition Program is designed for healthy clients to learn the benefits of eating to workout not working out to eat. Fitness nutrition is an important aspect of attaining and maintaining one’s health and physique. It is designed to enhance the effects of exercise and sports conditioning for maximal results by learning to eat to be stronger not skinnier. What, when and why to eat are key. Correct food choices can transform the body and encourage lean mass while reducing unnecessary and unhealthful fat mass. Plus, correct fitness food choices increase energy production and decrease injury due to fatigue.

Food is the essence of life and should be treated as such. At Everfit Body we encourage you to let go of the word diet and replace it with the term, eat healthfully. When you choose to eat healthfully you can’t help but make wise choices and enjoy those choices in moderation. This change in attitude towards eating may take some effort as you may have become programmed to live on the diet/binge roller coaster in order to fit into your skinny jeans. Whether you eat or don’t eat there is always a negative connotation with regards to food. When you stop dieting and start to eat healthfully you will feel better, look better and sleep better. Food will once again become a positive part of your life bringing you much joy and pleasure while helping you attain a healthy physique.

The Everfit Body Fitness Nutrition Coaching Program meets weekly in the privacy of your own home and includes an assessment of:

  • what you eat
  • when you eat
  • how much you eat
  • where you eat
  • why you eat.

We then analyze your current eating habits and exercise programs and create a plan based on adding simple, nutrient dense foods throughout your day while minimizing foods that drain energy and strain good metabolic function. Each Everfit Body Fitness Nutrition Program is individually designed for the client’s health and fitness needs and goals.

No more starving, detoxing and denying! Learn to enjoy eating again while attaining your ideal physique. What are you waiting for?

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Kitchen Makeover Course

The Everfit Body Fitness Nutrition Plan has several one-time course options available. The Kitchen Makeover Course is the first in the series. This is a 2 hour course designed to help you set up your cooking and eating space for optimum healthy outcomes. Much of the frustration we feel with our physiques and low energy has to do with poor eating habits. Setting up your kitchen for fitness goals can make all of the difference in achieving your ideal weight and functioning at peak energy capacity in exercise and every day tasks.

The Everfit Body Kitchen Makeover Course takes place in the privacy of your own kitchen. Together, we go through your pantry and refrigerator assessing your food purchases. You’ll be guided on what to add, what to keep and what to toss off of your future shopping lists.

The course will teach you:

  • How to stock healthy foods and eliminate the junk
  • How to choose foods for muscle building and fat loss
  • How to set up a weekly do-ahead food plan
  • How to organize your kitchen drawers and cupboards for ease and efficiency
  • How to store foods for optimum shelf life
  • How to incorporate exercise into your kitchen space

Learn how to organize your kitchen for fitness and health!

Contact us for more information on the Everfit Body Kitchen Makeover Course. This course can be organized for small groups as well.

Grocery Shopping Know How Course

The Everfit Body Fitness Nutrition Plan has several one-time course options available. The Grocery Shopping Know How is the second in the series. It’s a 2 hour session designed to teach you how to traverse the aisles of your local supermarket with a solid knowledge of food nutrition and a strong command of the food industry packaging lingo. Many of us get tripped up on the healthy eating quest by clever language and deceiving information on food labels, especially snack foods. The Grocery Shopping Know How course will give you the power to shop smart.

The Everfit Body Grocery Shopping Know How Course meets at the supermarket of your choice.

The course will teach you:

  • How to shop for true health foods not the food industry come-ons
  • How to read a food label
  • How to maneuver the food aisles for the most health and the least junk
  • How to pick fruits and vegetables at their prime for the best nutrition and taste
  • How to get the most nutrition for the least amount of money
  • When to splurge on foods and when you can skimp to save money
  • How to store foods for the longest shelf life

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed shopping the food aisles? Are you confused by misleading packaging? Learn how to food shop for fitness and health for you and your family!

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I was so impressed with Deborah’s knowledge not only from a physical training standpoint but from a nutritional side as well. She motivated me to really see that nutritional changes were really doing something good for myself not a chore.  She researched in detail all the nutritional information that she thought would be best for my goals.  She came up with logical time saving ideas that were attainable in our busy worlds.”  -Erin Jackman Stearns