Deborah loves to share her knowledge of the health and fitness fields as well as her experiences transforming herself in midlife. She will talk to friends and strangers about the benefits of living a healthy life and how easy it can be if you have the right approach, the right information and the right tools for transformation.

The good news? She is now available for speaking and motivational coaching at your temple, church, school, office or organization! How great would that be to offer her sound, scientific advice infused with a bit of wit and humor at your next meeting or conference. Deborah understands how difficult it can be to make healthy lifestyle choices based on the overwhelming and often conflicting information in the media. She makes it simple and easy to get motivated and moving!

Some sample topics include:

  • When I Grow Up…   Reinventing yourself in midlife
  • Exercise is Medicine…   Discover the REAL magic pill of youth and longevity
  • Stop Hiding Out!…   Why a good support system is key to transformation
  • Get off the Couch!…   How sitting is killing your body and soul
  • Diet is a Four Letter Word…   Positive ways to approach the weight dilemma

Remember, a healthy staff is a productive staff!

Contact us for more information on hiring Deborah to speak at your next function. Changing your thoughts truly does change your life. Deborah will change your thoughts about everything health and fitness!