• Be Your Skinniest Self!
  • Lose the Ugly Fat!
  • Bikini Body Now!
  • Melt Your Muffin Top!
  • The No More Cellulite Diet!
  • Flat Abs Fast!
  • Hotter and Sexier in 3 Days!

Low self-esteem, shame and fear of ridicule are high prices for women to pay for the marketing of a woman’s worth through a media driven idea of body perfection. From billboards to magazine covers to infomercials, a flawless, youthful complexion coupled with a taut, almost skeletal body, bombard our senses and psyches 24/7. And while we all know, deep down inside, that photoshop does much of the work, we can’t help but be affected by this barrage of the “ultimate” female form that is marketed as hot, sexy and preferred by men. Couple that with the above actual headlines that have appeared on women’s magazines covers and one can see why we are drawn to breaking our butts in bootcamps and juice cleansing ourselves skinny. Or more likely, wallowing in self pity in a pint of ice cream while watching the magic of instant youth and weight loss on an infomercial, desperately dialing that 800 number for another product we don’t really need.

Now, pile on the cruel and thoughtless pictures, found in tabloids, outing famous actresses with wrinkled faces, sagging breasts, bulging bellies, cellulite laden butts and the “worst bodies in Hollywood” and you’ve got an algorithm for hopelessness, depression and despair. Good for the companies that sell lotions, potions, diets and gizmos that promise to slim, trim and tighten. Bad for 51% of our planet. Women.

And it’s not just women’s magazine’s that market the fantasization of what it is to be a woman. Men’s magazine’s are rife with photos of young, pouty, nubile love toys displayed with their articles on sex and pleasing women, which only adds to the angst of never being enough.

Thin enough, pretty enough, young enough, sexy enough, worthy enough.


As a health and wellness coach, sometimes it feels like Deborah vs. Goliath as I attempt to help dismantle a deeply ingrained belief system by not promoting 6 pack abs, cellulite free thighs or a 10 pounds in 10 days weight loss miracle on my website. In a world that profits from fear and self-doubt, it’s a struggle how to help women see themselves as worthy not worthless pitted against this unattainable set of physical standards as the only measure of what it is to be a real woman.

So I’ve come up with a list of headlines I’d like to see gracing the covers at newsstands. Headlines that encourage women to see themselves as so much more than a laundry list of media driven physical attributes. Headlines that don’t wreak havoc with health and wellness by encouraging drastic and unhealthy measures to fit flat abs and cute butts into skinny jeans. Headlines that are as much about the process of daily living as they are about the end result.

  • Exercise to feel the joy and wonder of your body in motion!
  • Eat to nourish your soul and heal the planet!
  • Forgive yourself for making bad choices, you’re still a good person!
  • Do an act of kindness each day and you will have accomplished something!
  • Be of service to those in need!
  • Never stop learning!
  • Aways be a person that you admire!

If you’re a woman struggling with a body identity crisis created by the media, try living these “headlines.” See what happens after a week or two. Perhaps you’ll start feeling good about yourself without the mirror being your judge. And when you feel good about yourself you’ll do good for yourself.

Beauty, confidence and self-worth come from within. Always look within yourself for your headline to be your best self.